ALICE Contextualization Issue

Hello, I hope this topic is in the right place. I am trying to use the ALICE OpenAccess VM to go through the masterclass but it seems like the pairing/contextualization through the CernVM marketplace isn’t doing its job. After entering the #(PIN) in CernVM for ALICE it takes me to the desktop with no masterclass.C or any other ALICE related analysis software to be found. This has occurred when I paired both the OpenAccess and masterclass contexts.

Am I missing something or is this out of my hands? Thank you in advance.

Hello, and welcome to the CernVM forum!

I think that the ALICE master classes context on the CernVM online marketplace is outdated. I’d suggest to check with the ALICE software support about the latest installation instructions for the OpenAccess VM. If you have an instruction link at hand that you followed, I can also take a look for any clues.


I’ll try contacting ALICE support then. Also, here are two links that describe how to get the ALICE VM up and running.

ALICE Virtual Machines: How to Install

Getting Started with ALICE Open Data

I Created a clone with a different login, try that.
It is called " ALICE analysis (copy)"