Auto tag name difference between publisher and stratum0

We notice a small thing, during using of our publishers.

When we do publish command on one of our publisher it gives us an auto tag based on current timestamp.

Example :

[user@publisher1-pp ~]$ cvmfs_server publish -m "test generic tags name timestamp"
Using auto tag 'generic-2023-12-11T16:04:03Z'
Processing changes...

But when we look at stratum (tag -l) we see :


So we have ‘16:04:03Z’ declared on publisher, but the real tag is ‘16:04:04.501Z’.

When we noticed this for the first time our publisher and stratum0 were not synced on time and so the difference was more notable.
Now the servers are synced on time and the difference is really small.
But probably this should mentioned in the documentation ?

For example we logged auto tag’s name on publisher and then tried to search them on stratum0, but our grep return nothing as the tag’s names were different.

Reopening. This is tracked on github as well: Minor issue : auto tag name difference between publisher and stratum0 · Issue #3488 · cvmfs/cvmfs · GitHub