Best way to check if a repo exists on a given Stratum-0


how would you recommend to check remotely if a repo exists on a Stratum-0?
I can do

cvmfs_swissknife info -r http://remote.cvmfs.stratum0/cvmfs/ -v

and check if RC is not 0.
But I was wondering if there is a cleaner way.


Hi Jose,

that works, you could also just check if you can download http://remote.cvmfs.stratum0/cvmfs/, that way you only need curl or an equivalent tool and not cvmfs. For stratum ones there is also http://remote.cvmfs.stratum1/cvmfs/info/v1/repositories.json that gives you a list of replicated repositories.

Hi Valentin,

yeah, downloading the .cvmfspublished file should work for my purposes.

Thanks a lot !

repositories.json is also available on stratum zeros.


Indeed, although at least for the CERN stratum zero it is empty:

Apparently this is because of the S3 backend - will need to look further into this if it can be made to work.

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