Creating Initial Repository... fail (Apache configuration)


I did have no problem creating a repository in another machine, but in a new server I’m getting the error:

Creating Initial Repository... fail (Apache configuration)

Any hints on how to debug this? I looked for some verbose option to the cvmfs_server mkfs command, but I couldn’t find any.

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You can set the environment variable CVMFS_SERVER_DEBUG to a higher loglevel, for example:

CVMFS_SERVER_DEBUG=3 cvmfs_server mkfs

Many thanks, but when I run that I see no more information (perhaps it is being stored in some log file somewhere in the system?)

The apache “error.log” file has entries like:

[client] AH00035: access to /cvmfs/ denied (filesystem path '/srv/cvmfs/') because search permissions are missing on a component of the path

Hmmm, can you give a few more details on your os / setup? Did you install from packages or source? This could be a SELINUX issue, but the packages should do a proper setup for it.

This is Ubuntu22.04 and I installed with packages.
[this is a very hardened system security-wise, so I was also assuming it would probably be a SELinux issue, but out of my depth here, so not sure how to proceed]

FWIW, SElinux is disabled in this machine.

I could reproduce this issue by running chmod -x /srv and trying to create a new repository. Apache apparently needs /srv and subfolders to have the executable bit set. Can you check if that’s the case for you ?

It turns out the “umask” for the root user in this computer was set to 0027 instead of the usual 0022. I wiped out the repositories, the installation, started again with a 0022 umask and all is good now.

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