Cvmfs client on EL8 ppc64le?


Would it be possible to get a build of the cvmfs client for EL8 and the ppc64le architecture?

There is a very old build for EL7 and ppc64le in cvmfs-testing, but that doesn’t work on EL8.

I am trying to get cvmfsexec to work on an US HPC (OLCF Summit).


Further searches showed an old github ticket asking for something similar and quoting a lack of build machines to provide updated packages. Is that still the case?

Either way, I am trying to checkout and compile from source as well, that might be the better approach.


Hi Dirk,

That’s unfortunately still the case. Instead of compiling from sources, you can also rebuild the source RPM:

Here is our AArch64 build container, which may be useful as a reference of the build requirements:


FYI, for early testing the old cvmfs-testing EL7 packages seem to work (but need also the EL7 openssl libs, which I managed to find and extract manually).

Dave Dykstra used the Fedora cloud build service at

to build from the source rpm for multiple platforms, incl. CentOSStream8/Power, which should be compatible to EL8/Power. Is that something you might to be interested in?


In particular it is here:

I only had to give it an existing source rpm. I built also “EPEL8” which says it is the combination of RHEL8 and EPEL8.