`cvmfs_server publish` silently hangs

Both manual and scripted attempts to publish repository content are now hanging on a Stratum Zero. An unmount and remount have changed its info output from “unhealthy” to “in transaction”, but there is no output from a CLI attempt (it is simply hung). A check (and -r) returns “no problems found”. A publish command seems to create three separate /bin/sh /usr/bin/cvmfs_server publish ${repo} processes, and attaching an strace to any of the three returns nothing. Am I missing something obvious? What other commands and tools are available to diagnose a hung publish?

Is there an ongoing hung publish operation? If so, can you paste the output? Or is it rather that the cvmfs_server transaction command hangs?

Hi Jakob,

The publish operation (after and to finish a transaction) hung indefinitely with no output. I suspect this is related to a possible hang of a mounted network FS share as the publishing source. But the command hung for hours until I killed it, tried the above and tried the publish again (which hung again), then eventually rebooted the host and re-mounted all, then tried again, and it’s working now. It’s certainly not cvmfs’s fault if a FS goes missing (if that is indeed what happened), but I was hoping some diagnostic would give a hint. Is there something I should have tried and missed before rebooting?

I see, from the cvmfs side nothing obvious comes to my mind. I think I haven’t yet seen the cvmfs_server publish call hanging with no output at all (i.e. at a very early stage).

I see. Well, now I have seen it. :wink: I am almost certain the hang was caused by network mount instability. I’ll update if I find otherwise. Thanks.