CVMFS setup file failing in lxplus


I am trying to set some libraries from cvmfs into my lxplus machine and I am getting weird errors. I am trying to do this:

source /cvmfs/

and I am getting several messages like this:

-bash: [: too many arguments

Do you have any idea what is going on?


Hi Alejandro,

you’re unfortunately in the wrong place - this forum is for CVMFS itself, which seems to be working fine for reading the lcg releases, it’s just that the script does not work for you. You can open an issue here:

I had a quick look though and the view setup script works for me. Do you have anything in your ~/.bashrc file that might interfere? (I’m not sure what could cause the error you’re getting though, all variables are quoted in the script) You can check if your environment is the issue by running

env -i bash -c "source /cvmfs/"

If that does not have the same error, you should probably attach your .bashrc file and the output of


Hope that helps!

To rule out any issue with cvmfs, could you also attach the output of

cat /cvmfs/


Hi Valentin

thank you so much for all the help, even though I wrote to the wrong forum. I appreciate the help.

Actually after your first message, when you pointed out that it could be a problem with my .bashrc file I had a look at it and I found a problem in one of my aliases which was causing the problem. (if you want to know more, I change the definition of ‘cd’ to make it ‘cd and ls’ at the same time)

After fixing this, everything works properly.

Thanks again

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