.cvmfsreflog and .cvmfspublished disappeared!

Dear all

I have some test repos created using an S3 backend (ceph rgw).
These repos don’t work anymore because the file .cvmfspublished can’t be found:

[root@cvmfs-s0-dc-s3cloudveneto ~]#  CVMFS_SERVER_DEBUG=3 cvmfs_server check unpacked.infn.it
Verifying integrity of unpacked.infn.it...
(download) escaped https://rgw-cloud.pd.infn.it:443/cvmfswp6dc/unpacked.infn.it/.cvmfspublished to https://rgw-cloud.pd.infn.it:443/cvmfswp6dc/unpacked.infn.it/.cvmfspublished    [09-04-2023 13:27:04 CEST]
(download) http status error code: HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
 [404]    [09-04-2023 13:27:04 CEST]
(download) Verify downloaded url https://rgw-cloud.pd.infn.it:443/cvmfswp6dc/unpacked.infn.it/.cvmfspublished, proxy DIRECT (curl error 23)    [09-04-2023 13:27:04 CEST]
(download) download failed (error 9 - host returned HTTP error)    [09-04-2023 13:27:04 CEST]
(cvmfs) failed to download repository manifest (9 - host returned HTTP error)    [09-04-2023 13:27:04 CEST]
failed to fetch repository manifest (1 - failed to download)
failed to load repository manifest
[root@cvmfs-s0-dc-s3cloudveneto ~]#

Indeed the .cvmfspublished (and .cvmfsreflog) disappeared, while the dataa pparently are still there [*]

I have no idea what happened and unfortunately the ceph-rgw logs rotated in the meantime.
Can you imagine a reason that could explain such behavior ?

These are test repos and their content is not really important, but is it is some way possible to “repair” them ?

Thanks, Massimo


[sgaravat@lxsgaravat S3]$ s3cmd -c s3cfg-cvmfs-wp6.cfg ls s3://cvmfswp6dc/unpacked.infn.it/
                          DIR  s3://cvmfswp6dc/unpacked.infn.it/data/
2023-09-03 23:04          409  s3://cvmfswp6dc/unpacked.infn.it/.cvmfswhitelist
[sgaravat@lxsgaravat S3]$ s3cmd -c s3cfg-cvmfs-wp6.cfg du s3://cvmfswp6dc/unpacked.infn.it
  1180185805   60781 objects s3://cvmfswp6dc/unpacked.infn.it
[sgaravat@lxsgaravat S3]$

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