Eclipse installation

I have installed eclipse as follows:
sudo yum install java-11-openjdk-deve
sudo ./eclipse-inst
choosing /usr/local/share as installation directory.
Now eclipse is working but I have to invoke it also with sudo
sudo /usr/local/share/eclipse/eclipse
and it works correctly.
Without sudo eclipse starts but says that cannot access its own shared libraries.
Any suggestion how to do eclipse installation better?
So far I have litle experience with cernvm…
staszek jadach

Hi Staszek,

Welcome to the forum.

This looks like an issue with Eclipse, which you are manually installing, and not with CernVM itself. Would it not be possible to install Eclipse with Yum?

Best regards,

I have already looked into yum but I did not see eclipse in the search:

[fccuser@localhost ~]$ sudo yum search eclipse
[sudo] password for fccuser:
================================================ N/S matched: eclipse ================================================
eclipse-filesystem.noarch : Eclipse Platform Filesystem Layout
ecj.x86_64 : Eclipse Compiler for Java

Name and summary matches only, use “search all” for everything.

I have just taken eclipse tarbal from oracle webpage.