Error downloading metadata for repository 'cernvm'

I am using AlmaLinux 9.1 and whenver I try to install cvmfs I get an error saying it cant find the metadata for the CVMFS repository.

This may be an issue with your local (site) network. The URL from the error message in principle is available. You can try


to verify that you can access the file from your machine.

I can curl the repomd.xml file fine.

Perhaps it was a temporary glitch then. Does it work with yum if you try the initial command again?

unfortunatly its still not working. I cant even build it from source as it wont recognise the fuse libraries.

Hm, something seems odd with yum here.

You can try installing the package directly with

yum install \ \

now it wont find the python libs when im manually building it from source…

Did the above yum command work? You don’t need to build cvmfs from sources once the cvmfs package is installed. Building from sources may require several additional packages and is generally only recommended for special cases, such as supercomputers.

This error occurs when i use it.

Oh, right, to resolve that, please install first

yum install