Is it possible to prevent DUCC from publishing?


weird question. Would it be possible to have DUCC just to create the new content, place it in the right directory for that repo, but not run “cvmfs_server publish”?
Idea is to be able to run DUCC on a separate host, and issuing the publishing in a separate asynchronous process.


Hi Jose,

It would require changing the DUCC sources. But you might be able to do this with a workaround. DUCC simply calls cvmfs_server ... so you could provide an executable (script) with that name that does nothing. At least for experimenting.


Hmm, yeah, that should work :slight_smile:

Hmm. Thinking twice, I guess it wouldn’t be as simple as having a fake cvmfs_server executable that does nothing. I assume DUCC also calls “cvmfs_server transaction”, right?
So the script should only ignore “cvmfs_server publish”, for example. However, that would leave the transaction open until the content is published… I can foresee a lot of problems with that :slight_smile:

Thanks anyways.