Is it possible to reuse the data from Stratum-0 in a shared mountpoint?


if a site has both a Stratum-0 and a Stratum-1, would it be possible to just shared the same directory for both services ( /srv/cvmfs/my.repo/ ) ? That would eliminate the delays, as the content is immediately available on the Stratum-1 at the same time is being published by the Stratum-0.

Or is the content of any of the hidden files different, preventing it?


It might be possible but it’s generally not recommended, especially if they’re both served through the same IP address+port. That’s because the traffic patterns are very different; clients of stratum 1s tend to get lots of different files separately on demand and need immediate response, where clients of stratum 0s are multiple stratum 1s which do snapshots that have lots of downloads in a row in bursts around the same time immediately after a publish. The type of load on the publishing machine is also very different than the type of load on the stratum 1; you wouldn’t really want them to interfere with each other. There is one hidden file .cvmfs_master_replica that’s only on stratum zeros but that can usually be filtered on a stratum 1 application. Are you talking about using a shared Ceph filesystem for both? If so there can also be trickiness with managing the /cvmfs/info/v1/repositories.json file which both stratum 1 and stratum 0 expect to individually manage. Also if so I hope you have done a lot of benchmarks and load tests to see how that performs compared to a standalone stratum 1 and that you can share those results.