Is there an easy way to check the size of a repository on a remote Stratum-0?


is it possible to get remotely the size of a repo on its Stratum-0? Maybe some option/parameter for cvmfs_swissknife?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi Jose,

are you looking for the current size of the repository tree (this you could get from the filesystem) or the complete storage taken up? I know that CERN-IT has a script to query the quota from the S3 backend. I’m going to check if cvmfs_swissknife has a similar functionality and get back to you.

Hi Valentin,

the idea is, in a nutshell, not know how much disk space is going to take in our Stratum-1 if I start replicating a new repository. So I assume we are basically talking about the size of /srv/cvmfs//, right?

Thanks a lot.

If you want to be precise, this is unfortunately not as straightforward, and there is no tooling in CVMFS to do that currently. If the backend storage is s3, the best thing may be to query the quota using s3 tooling. A du on the filesystem may give already a rough idea, though.

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