Minimal container image

Hello, is there any officially-maintained minimal container image with CVMFS client? I’m a maintainer for CVMFS CSI and right now we’re considering basing the driver image on RHEL UBI9 (see this PR).

I’m wondering if we could do better than having to base it on a full fledged system.



Yep, there is. It’s the cvmfs service container. It’s built with just a busybox and system libraries required by cvmfs from EL8.

@jakob thanks! The CSI driver relies on automount binary to be present though, so in its current form this won’t be useful. Any chance automount could be included? I’m trying to include it in the top layer that bases off cvmfs/service, but this feels quite hacky so I’m wondering if there could be a better way.

Yep, that makes sense. I created issue #3114.