Mounting from a CVMFS gateway fails

Hi, I’m trying to set up a publisher machine to talk to a new gateway that was just created.
I’ve followed the instructions on the documentation page to set up the repo on the gateway, and now I’m trying to mount it on the publisher machine. Unfortunately I’m getting an error, and I don’t see anything useful in any logs, or any debug info. The only thing I notice is looking at the HTTP server logs on the gateway, the last access attempt returns a 404 error. If anyone can point me in the right direction to get this working, I’d appreciate it.

cvmfs_server mkfs -w -u gw,/srv/cvmfs/, -k /tmp/hpcsw.umd.edu_keys -o kevin

Creating Configuration Files… done
Importing CernVM-FS Master Key and Certificate from ‘/tmp/hpcsw.umd.edu_keys’… done
Creating CernVM-FS Server Infrastructure… done
Creating Initial Repository… done
Mounting CernVM-FS Storage… (overlayfs) Failed to initialize root file catalog (16 - file catalog failure)

Apache logs on the gateway:
2001:468:c02:201::20 - - [30/Apr/2021:13:39:43 -0400] “HEAD /cvmfs/ HTTP/1.1” 200 - “-” “curl/7.61.1” - - [30/Apr/2021:13:39:43 -0400] “GET /cvmfs/ HTTP/1.1” 200 594 “-” “cvmfs Fuse 2.7.5” - - [30/Apr/2021:13:39:43 -0400] “GET /cvmfs/ HTTP/1.1” 200 826 “-” “cvmfs Fuse 2.7.5” - - [30/Apr/2021:13:39:43 -0400] “GET /cvmfs/ HTTP/1.1” 200 406 “-” “cvmfs Fuse 2.7.5” - - [30/Apr/2021:13:39:43 -0400] “GET /cvmfs/ HTTP/1.1” 404 196 “-” “cvmfs Fuse 2.7.5”


Kevin Hildebrand
HPC Architect
University of Maryland, College Park
Division of IT

Hi Kevin,

The Apache trace indicates that the manifest (the .cvmfspublished file) for some reason does not contain the hash of the root catalog. Could you post the contents of the /cvmfs/ file?


Thanks. I’m not sure what happened here. Something must have corrupted my repo somehow- I went back to one of my normal clients and it also couldn’t mount the repo any longer, with the same error.
I ended up deleting and recreating the repo, and now both the client and the publisher machine are working fine.