Not able to abort a transaction after a cvms_receiver crash

Dear all
As reported in another thread, I often see crashes of the cvmfs_receiver when trying to publish from a remote publisher.
After that I am not able to abort the transaction in a clean way:

root@vnode-0:/home/sgaravat# cvmfs_server abort
You are about to DISCARD ALL CHANGES OF THE CURRENT TRANSACTION for! Are you sure (y/N)? y
Error from gateway: ‘no statistics counters for lease’
gateway doesn’t recognize the lease or cannot drop it

In such cases I use “abort -f” and I wait for the expiration of the lease, but I guess this is not a normal behavior

Any hints ?
Thanks, Massimo

Hi Massimo,

thanks for the report! This is definitely a bug and we are looking into it.

Let me know if I can help with the debugging
Cheers, Massimo

This problem is tracked in this issue: Gateway restart prevents removal of active leases · Issue #3128 · cvmfs/cvmfs · GitHub . However it may be postponed to the 2.12 release.