Overriding /etc/cvmfs/default.conf

I assume the answer is yes, but just in case :slight_smile:
does /cvmfs/config-egi.egi.eu/etc/cvmfs/default.conf overrides the content of local /etc/cvmfs/deafult.conf ?


The order of processing is in a comment in the beginning of /etc/cvmfs/default.conf, or see it on github.

The local default.conf and default.local come after the config repo default.conf, so they override the config repo.

Hmm. I am reading the opposite:

# /etc/cvmfs/default.conf
# /etc/cvmfs/default.d/*.conf (in alphabetical order)
# $CVMFS_CONFIG_REPOSITORY/etc/cvmfs/default.conf (if config repository is set)
# /etc/cvmfs/default.local

I interpret that as $CVMFS_CONFIG_REPOSITORY/etc/cvmfs/default.conf overrides /etc/cvmfs/default.conf

Youโ€™re right, and I was only half right. The config repo default.conf comes between the local default.conf and default.local.