Performance with fuse3

Does anyone know if installing cvmfs-fuse3 brings performance benefits?

I did a bit of investigation awhile ago and it seemed anecdotally possible that certain workloads might benefit from fuse3. I tried a brief simple test but did not see any difference. Has anyone noticed a significant difference? It would be interesting to have some results from benchmarking comprehensive realistic IO-intensive workloads with fuse2 and fuse3 (e.g. compiling ATLAS software using CVMFS ).


We did not do systematic benchmarks ourselves but I would not be surprised if the performance gain is currently marginal. The big benefit of fuse3 is still to come as it unlocks more modern fuse features. An upcoming one for the 2.11 release (in combination with a recent kernel) is symlink kernel caching.

Okay thanks. I suppose there should not be any downside to using 3? I wonder if many sites have deployed cvmfs-fuse3 in production or found any issues with it.

No obvious downsides, other than that I think so far it is little tested in production on the grid.