Publish with -a (tag) option : error searching server.conf

We have a strange error message when we publish a transaction precising a tag and a full path inside the repo.

Before we used a generic tags so the publish command was similar to :

cvmfs_server publish <repo>/<path inside which concern current transaction>

Recently we decided to implement named tags to be able to distinguish transactions, so actually the command has form :

cvmfs_server publish -a <tag_name> <repo>/<path inside which concern current transaction>

Just after establishing this we observed the error messages like this :

/usr/bin/cvmfs_server: line 2351: /etc/cvmfs/repositories.d/<repo>/<path inside which concern current transaction>/server.conf

So when we do normal (without tag) publish, cvmfs_server search server.conf file in the correct path :

/etc/cvmfs/repositories.d/ + [repo name]/server.conf (even if there is an additional path).

But when we use “-a tag” option, cvmfs_server try to search server.conf on following path :

/etc/cvmfs/repositories.d/ + [repo name] / + [path precised in the transaction]/server.conf

and so it gives the error, as there is no server.conf on such path.

It seems that transaction are still published correctly.

Is it a bug ? Should I open an issue at github ?

Or maybe it’s a feature, and I don’t understand something ?

You don’t mention that you’re using the gateway functionality, but as far as I know (and I only know this because I just checked the cvmfs documentation on gateways, I haven’t used them myself) adding a path to the end of <repo> on a publish command is only applicable when using a gateway. The docs say that allows you to get a “lease” on only that sub path in the repository.

Tagging is a separate feature. I don’t know if it works in combination with gateways. If you want the two to work together and they don’t, then yes I recommend creating a github issue.

Thank you very much.

Yes, indeed, we are using 2 gateways that publish on our Stratum0. Sorry, I forgot to mention it in my post.

The issue seems to be very minor.
We have the error message, but except that tagging works well with gateways and even if we have the error message the job is done.

Still I think that it worths to create an issue as the error message is a little be annoying and probably it should be fixed.
I’ll try to create an issue at one of next days.

A small additional point, some of my colleagues have an impression that it’s a regression from 2.10.
We are at 2.11 version actually, and we have an impression that at 2.10 it worked well without errors. But we could not prove or test it actually, so may be it’s not true.

Many thanks for reporting! That’s a bug and a github issue for this would be great!


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