Restore a cvmfs repository backup after the stratum0 crash

I have a cvmfs repository backup with the config files of this repos unfortunately I had a vm crash on my virtual cluster it would be appreciated to get how can restore this repository.
I had previously imported this data from an old server to the new one without any problem with cvmfs_server import would it be the same principle or there is another procedure.

I am in same situation, I have the config file. The storage of the cvmfs s0 is in s3 backend Can I import the repositoty or there is a documentation how to restore the Stratum0?

Hi! I’m not sure if I see the full picture here. The storage was externally mounted to your VM and unaffected? If you don’t have a snapshot of the VM I think importing the repository should be the way to go, yes.

I think your answer concerns the second question for mine I don’t have S3 storage just I have local storage on the vm.
the solution that I have tested is to restore all these files to recover functional repository with all the ctalaoge files.
should backup:
recovering all these files with the installation of the necessary cvmfs packages for a stratum0 can restaure the repository .

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