Running cvmfs modules from cache when no internet present

Hello @jakob ,

how can one run (if it is possible) cvmfs modules when there is no internet available?

Suppose I enter my environment with toolbox (cvmfs is not mounted) and want to load module. This is what i get

[user@c7-dev ~]$ module add dev
ModuleCmd_Load.c(213):ERROR:105: Unable to locate a modulefile for ‘dev’

Obviously module add is trying to locate the module in the cvmfs server location, which is not mounted.
Is there a way to make it look for cached modules?
(perhaps even forcing caching all modules from specific cvmfs server directory, to eliminate possibility of cache miss)

Thanks in advance.

The cvmfs client supports offline access for data that is already in the cache. That includes mounting repositories when disconnected. In your case, I can imagine the module add dev command was not run when the machine still had connectivity. What should work however, is running the command a second time when disconnected after a successful first run of the command with Internet access.

Thanks for the reply,

how do I mount cvmfs repo in offline mode?

It’s the same procedure you use in connected mode. On most installations, cvmfs is automounted, e.g., mount is triggered by ls /cvmfs/<reponame>.