Server error on creating context

Hi everyone,
I wanted to test some CernBOX builds in ubuntu environment, and wanted to create an online VM, but I just can not pass a creating context section, as it always returns “Server error” as seen in picture

No matter what I input, it is always the same. I tried replicating some of the previously created contexts by others, but to no avail.
Any suggestions please?

Thanks for letting us know! I can reproduce the issue. I’ll take a look and keep you posted.

Apologies for the long delay! This issue was triggered by a database update and should now be fixed.

Hi Jakob,

I have the same problem as Knezivan that I can not pass a creating context section. And it always returns “Server error!” as the picture. Could you give me some suggestions for it?
Thanks a lot!


Hi Xinyan,

Thanks for the report! I see the issue and will follow up in CVM-2015.