Stratum 0 server using S3


I suppose httpd does not even need to be enabled on a stratum 0 server using S3 storage, right?
There is nothing in /srv/ anyway.

We are also publishing via the gateway.
If I recall correctly, the /var/spool/cvmfs filesystems (scratch, tmp) for processing data while publishing is only required for local transactions, not data pushed via the gateway?
Just want to confirm the data will be streamed, not written to disk, because I have not provisioned much local storage for /var/spool/cvmfs


That’s correct

Data is by and large streamed from publisher to gateway to uploader but both the uploader and the gateway still need a (small) temp area in /var/spool/cvmfs. The publisher, however, needs the scratch space to keep the content of a single transaction in any case.

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