What's the best OS for cvmfs?


We need to deploy a new publisher on our infrastructure and we were wondering which is the best OS to use? Previously we were using CentOS but with Red Hat’s policy change we would like to stop.

Thanks in advance

Hi Martin,

there’s probably no definitive answer - we try to support many platforms, and also vendor some of our build dependencies for that reason. It may be beneficial to use a distribution with a newer kernel. The most thoroughly tested OS will be the one used by the big experiments and WLCG (likely still ALMA linux), but in terms of stability and Open Source, Debian could be an option as well. The right forum to discuss this is probably the CERN Linux Future Committee Meeting (11 September 2023) · Indico ( The next meeting starts just this afternoon at 4pm! )

Thank you Valentin, I think we’ll go with Debian.

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