Where to get cvmfs_ducc binary


how do I get cvmfs_ducc binary? Is there any deb/rpm package?


Hi Jan,

yes, there is a cvmfs-ducc package, but not part of the package repositories, get it directly from the download area: Index of /dist/cvmfs/cvmfs-2.11.1 It’s a self-contained executable, but beware that it needs some extra capabilities to run (Missing cvmfs_ducc permissions after installation · Issue #3202 · cvmfs/cvmfs · GitHub). You can set those by running:

setcap "cap_dac_override=ep cap_dac_read_search=ep cap_fowner=ep cap_chown=ep cap_sys_admin=ep cap_mknod=ep" /usr/bin/cvmfs_ducc

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