Why a client switched to a Stratum-1 not replicating the repository


a given client switched from CERN’s Stratum-1 to RAL’s Stratum-1, as follows:

May 5 11:17:00 cn502 cvmfs2: ([lhcbdev.cern.ch](http://lhcbdev.cern.ch/)) switching host from http://cvmfs-stratum-one.cern.ch/opt/lhcbdev to http://cernvmfs.gridpp.rl.ac.uk/opt/lhcbdev (reset host)
May 5 11:17:00 cn502 cvmfs2: ([lhcbdev.cern.ch](http://lhcbdev.cern.ch/)) switching host from http://cernvmfs.gridpp.rl.ac.uk/opt/lhcbdev to http://cvmfs-stratum-one.cern.ch/opt/lhcbdev (host returned HTTP error)

However, the RAL’s Stratum-1 is not replicating repository lhcbdev.cern.ch
Are the clients expected to try a Stratum-1 even though the repo is not there?


Hi Jose,

There is currently no default client config that excludes RAL for lhcbdev.cern.ch. So clients use the default cern.ch configuration try all the default stratum 1s. Would you be willing to replicate lhcbdev? Otherwise we can also change the cvmfs-config repositories.


Hi Jakob,

I just needed to understand it. So, thanks a lot for the explanation.
Let’s leave things as they are for now.


lhcbdev.cern.ch added to our Stratum-1.

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