Windows client for CernVM File System

I’m newbie with CernVM File System.
What is the status of Windows client for cvmfs?
Is it possible to use ProjFS for this?

I’d like to use TotalCommander/Explorer to access /cvmfs folders.

Regards. Valeriy

Hi Valeriy,

There is currently no plan to develop a native Windows client.


Recent introductions from M$ to the linux world are fantastic:
Linux for Windows (WSL), .NET6, UWP/ MAUI, VSCode, VS2022

I believe that every linux/android/scientific developments will be done under win very soon.

Indeed, some of their products are quite nice.

For CVMFS, our users are running Linux and macOS and this is what we can support with the resources at our disposal.

A native Windows client is likely a big project, as the underlying technologies differ. WSL is likely a simpler path, also as the software distributed with CVMFS is usually built for Linux.