Publisher stuck in unabortable transaction

I need help recovering a publisher.

I was attempting to publish some changes (cvmfs_server publish), and received a warning about open files. I control-c-ed out of the publish (perhaps mistakenly) to find and close open files, and after closing all open files I found I got into a predicament I cannot seem to get out of.

cvmfs_server publish is failing with invalid lease error
(dev-2:~# cvmfs_server publish
Using auto tag ‘generic-2023-07-28T22:01:29Z’
Processing changes…

Waiting for upload of files before committing…
Committing file catalogs…
Wait for all uploads to finish
SessionContext::DoUpload - error reply: {“reason”:“invalid lease”,“status”:“error”}
terminate called after throwing an instance of ‘ECvmfsException’
what(): PANIC: /home/sftnight/jenkins/workspace/CvmfsFullBuildDocker/CVMFS_BUILD_ARCH/docker-x86_64/CVMFS_BUILD_PLATFORM/cc8/build/BUILD/cvmfs-2.10.1/cvmfs/ : 416
SessionContext: could not submit payload. Aborting.
/bin/cvmfs_server: line 4105: 856489 Killed $user_shell “$sync_command”
Synchronization failed

Executed Command:
cvmfs_swissknife sync -u /cvmfs/ -s /var/spool/cvmfs/ -c /var/spool/cvmfs/ -t /var/spool/cvmfs/ -b e13106755c57a71a0d01f502c23e6de4b3dc00dc -r gw,/srv/cvmfs/, -w -o /var/spool/cvmfs/ -e sha1 -Z default -C /etc/cvmfs/repositories.d/ -N -K /etc/cvmfs/keys/ -L -D generic-2023-07-28T22:01:29Z -H /etc/cvmfs/keys/ -P /var/spool/cvmfs/ -f overlayfs -p -l 4194304 -a 8388608 -h 16777216 -i

cvmfs_server abort again failes due to invalid lease.
(dev-2:~# cvmfs_server abort
You are about to DISCARD ALL CHANGES OF THE CURRENT TRANSACTION for! Are you sure (y/N)? y
Error from gateway: ‘invalid lease’
gateway doesn’t recognize the lease or cannot drop it), even with -f flag
(dev-2:~# cvmfs_server abort -f
Error from gateway: ‘invalid lease’
force abort, continue despite error while trying to drop lease, removing session token. Error: gateway doesn’t recognize the lease or cannot drop it is not based on the newest published revision
umount: /cvmfs/ target is busy.
Trying to unmount /cvmfs/… fail
Trying to unmount /cvmfs/… fail

cvmfs_server check won’t remount the fs because it is in a transaction, and just advises to abort (dev-2:~# cvmfs_server check is not based on the newest published revision
Repository is in a transaction and cannot be repaired.
→ Run cvmfs_server abort to revert and repair.)

Any suggestions on how to recover from this?
Thanks in advance.

OK, I guess the resolution suggested by Not able to abort a transaction after a cvms_receiver crash worked in this case too.

Waiting a while for the lease to expire and then retrying the abort appears to have worked.

I was not sure if it would expire because the URL http://SERVER:PORT/api/v1/leases was not showing any active leases.

Hopefully this will prove useful to someone else.

control-c-ed out of the publish

Yeah I think that could lead to problems. We had quite a headache one time when an analyst canceled an abort operation with Ctrl-C, so the transaction failed to abort properly. I think if you terminate an operation you can be left in an unclean state that may require manual cleanup.

Just as a side note: in the upcoming release abort -f will become more resilient.
(though sadly it will still not be possible to delete an “invalid” lease on the gateway by the publisher)

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