Where do I get the pin to pair CERN VM with ALICE? Sites listed no longer work

I’ve been scouring the web and even asking ChatGPT. The CERN VM Marketplace where the directions say to go to to get the pin for pairing no longer work. What is everyone doing now?
I’m stuck at “use #pin.” I’m trying to pair with ALICE. The directions on that page also loop back to the non-existent CERN VM Market…

Thank you!

Hi! I think you are referring to “CernVM Online” - this website has indeed be decomissioned. Where is it still referenced? Let us know so we can delete that reference.

For more information and other ways to start CernVM, see this post: Decommissioning of the "CernVM Online" Web Site

Hello! Thank you for the reply! Here is the reference: ALICE Virtual Machines: How to install | CERN Open Data Portal

Thank you for your assistance!